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LED Lighting Manufacturers

LED lighting for industrial & commercial applications

Constant Lighting is a unique North West based manufacturer of energy efficient commercial light fittings. We have combined our skills and expertise in design to create a range of energy efficient products to replace existing legacy lighting systems. Delivering high performance products with unrivalled light quality and distribution whilst achieving impressive efficiency gains; our remit is to assist our customers in making the transition to energy efficient lighting as simple as possible. We can help our clients achieve perfectly lit environments whilst maximising their ROI.

Office and Commercial Lighting Solutions

Specialising in providing LED Lighting to existing builds

Unlike ‘New Build’ properties which have the benefit of lighting design consultants from the outset, existing premises often suffer from building constraints, and lack of knowledge available from electricians who aren’t up to speed on lighting products.  This is where Constant Lighting can provide that ‘New Build’ knowledge, for existing build solutions.

The benefits of Constant’s lighting solutions

  • Reduced CO2 output
  • Reduced electricity consumption; up to 70% reductions
  • Improved lighting quality
  • Designed and manufactured in Britain
  • Off-the-shelf and bespoke lighting options
  • Single contractor from survey to aftersales
  • Proven to reduce electrical consumption by up to 70%
Made in Britain

Made in Britain

Our lights are designed and manufactured in Oldham, offering unrivalled turnaround on projects, as well as tailored and bespoke design solutions for your building.

After Sales & Warranty


Not forgetting full warranty on all LED lighting units, by a company established in 1970, giving you peace of mind from survey to aftersales.

Start with a Survey

Where to start

It all starts with your free lighting site survey to assess your current specifications and lighting needs, followed by a consultation to advise the correct LED lighting solutions.