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Changing to LED Lights

Here’s some of the top questions we’re asked when we’re invited to conduct a free lighting survey…

Office LED Lights

Can I have a direct replacement to my existing lights?


All our ranges, from the Sky High Bay LED Lights for warehouse installations to Exude R for 600×600 office grid replacements, are designed to work with your existing lighting set up. This makes it quicker and easier for us to install, and you will see an instant lighting quality improvement.

However, during a lighting survey we may suggest moving or changing the lighting layout you have. Often businesses are set up with X layout and through business growth you’ve added Y mezzanine floor to your warehouse, or Z meeting room into your open plan offices. As a result, the original lighting might not be serving you best. In this case we’ll go over what needs to happen to get optimal performance from your new LED lights, and also which lights would be best suited for your layout.

LED lighting assembly

Do I need new electrical cables and wires?

Yes and No.

No, if we’re installing our LED lights directly in the same place of an existing light fitting. In this case our electricians will utilise existing cables and wiring from the old lights.

Yes, if during the lighting survey we may suggest the new LED lights to positioned in different locations to the existing ones. This may be to eliminate dark spots on your shop floor, or giving better efficiency where one LED light can replace two existing fittings. In this case, new cables and wires will have to be installed, but don’t worry, our electricians will take of that.

Warehouse LED Lighting

What happens to the existing light fittings when removed?

We take care of all of that.

We will recycle any metal work with our contracted metal recycling facility, or dispose of any hazardous waste, such as fluorescent tubes (as they’ve mercury inside them) safely and correctly.

How will I control the new lights? A timer, a switch?

We can tailor the control system to your business needs.

You can have traditional switches, timer controls, or environmental controls. The latter, environmental controls, can do two great cost saving tasks for you. Firstly, it’ll assess to see if anyone is in the room. If it doesn’t detect any movement then it’ll switch the lights off after a pre-set time. If someone enters the room, the lights instantly turn on. Secondly, if you have a good source of natural daylight from office windows or skylights, then the sensor will dim the LED lights accordingly. In both cases you will save on wattage use but create lights that perform when needed.

Warehouse LED Lighting

How long will they take to install?

This depends on your site and installation requirements.

During the site visit our team assess the building height, quantity of lights and document any electrical hurdles that we may need to solve. After the site visit we can provide a timeframe for the manufacturing of the lighting solution and plan a fitting date of the LED lights. We can plan the installation around your production and schedules minimising impact to the business too. As a single source solution for LED lighting we can control every stage of the installation from design to fitting, giving you accurate timeframes at every stage.