Colour Rendering Index

Quick terminology & acronym guide

The lighting industry can be awash with terminology, acronyms and words that simply can confuse even the savviest of clients.

Applications of LED

To help, we’ve popped together a few terms we know the average lighting survey will use, including our own free lighting surveys, and a few you may find across lighting websites like ours.

LED Light emitting diodes. The ‘illuminating’ element of modern lighting
HID High intensity discharge lamps. Traditional box or dome lights found in factories and street lighting.
CFL Compact fluorescent lamp. The technical name for fluorescent energy-saving lamp bulbs which became common place in the late 90s/00s.
lm Lumens. The true measure of light output.
W Watts. The amount of energy consumed to power the ‘light’. Traditionally, but wrongly, used to measure the level of light.
K Kelvin. The measure of light temperature, with the lower number producing a red glow, and in contrast a higher number producing a blue/white glow.
CRI Colour rendering index. A measure to indicate the quality level of lighting.
IP Ingress protection. A set scale and measure to define the properties of a light to withstand the elements such as dust and moisture.
l/cW Lumens per circuit Watt. The amount of lumens that are generated per one circuit watt.
lx Lux. A lux meter measures the amount of light per square meter.