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Lighting Legislation: Magnetic Ballasts Phase Out

Over the last six years the new lighting legislation set by the Government has seen an overhaul in lighting, from the extinction of incandescent lamps through to phasing out of High Pressure Mercury lamps.

LED vs fluorescent tubesNext year, 2017, all fluorescent lamps and HID lights must be able to work with electronic ballasts, phasing out the installation or replacement of magnetic ballasts. A lighting electrician or engineer cannot replace an existing magnetic ballasts with another, it must be converted to an electrical ballast or alternative lighting solution such as LED lights.

Magnetic ballasts are simply ineffective at controlling your lighting. They use a single copper coil to conduct the electricity flow to the tubes, typically with very little control on the flow and power, which causes the stereotypical flickering and buzzing associated with fluorescents.

An LED lighting option is more efficient and effective at controlling the lighting output. The LED’s which produce the light output are powered by a driver, versus a magnetic ballast. This also gives LED lights further control on the lighting output level. These advantages are on top of the existing energy saving and running cost advantages of LEDs over fluorescents.

If you are going to revisit your lighting installations to adhere to the new legislation, then like many of our clients why not consider swapping out your fluorescent lamps completely to LEDs. Start considering it today with a free site visit to assess your needs.