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Our Enclose IP65; suitable for cold store lighting

We have manufactured Enclose IP65 LED lights for a range of situations, from manufacturing shop floors such as our own powder coating department (photo left), through to cold store warehouses.

Enclose IP LED Light Case ExampleHere’s a few reasons why the Enclose Range is ideal for cold store solutions:

Temperature Control

Enclose IP65 LED LightThe Enclose IP65 has a low wattage of just 75w to generate over 8800lumens of light, which means the unit generates great lighting whilst generating exceptionally low heat output making the Enclose ideal for use in temperature controlled environments.

Reducing Fan Use

As the LEDs in the Enclose IP65 lights generate such a low heat output compared to those they replace, such as metal halide or sodium lights, there is a reduced need for fans to regulate temperature within the cold store. A double energy saving.

IP Rating

IP Rating Table

The IP65 stands for the Ingress Protection level of the lighting unit. And our units offer great protection from the cold store environment including wash down protection;

6: Dust tight. Ideal for use in cold store as any loose or airborn powdered or dry food will not affect the lighting units.

5: Water jet protected. Cleaning down the cold store is no problem with LED lights enclosed in casing that can keep water out projected from powerful water jets.


We also want to take this opportunity to remind you that as of next year, 2017, all fluorescent lamps and HID lights must be able to work with electronic ballasts, phasing out the installation or replacement of magnetic ballasts. Read more about the magnetic ballast phase out here.