Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting offers a range of benefits to your operational costs and they create a better customer and working environment for your business.

Clearer Lighting

Clearer Lighting
The first thing one will notice is the brighter, whiter and often described as cleaner lighting environment. After years of business under often older fluorescent tubes or HID lights, this lighting change can have quite a positive impact to staff and customers alike. For areas where fine detailed work is being undertaken the choice of lighting options delivered by LED driven lights is much greater over traditional lighting.


LifespanHeres some facts:

  • A standard fluorescent T8 batten will last up-to 10,000hrs, with the quality of light degrading through those hours.
  • A standard equivalent LED lighting unit from Constant Lighting will last an average of 50,000 hours of operational use without any noticeable light degradation.

Find out more about the differences between fluorescent battens and LED lightings.


ProfessionalLED lighting has often been credited with making a business environment look more professional. Your workspace is well illuminated, giving a more modern impression, and you can boast about your eco credentials.


MaintenanceStandard fluorescent tubes and HIDs need maintaining to achieve optimal output and lamp replacement. LEDs don’t.

Safety & Mercury

Safety1/25 of a teaspoon of mercury, as little as 3g, will contaminate a 60 acre lake. Did you know standard fluorescent tubes contain mercury?

  • If a fluorescent tube breaks into pieces then you have to take great care in the clean up and the safety of your staff.
  • LEDs do not contain mercury. If the casing of an LED housing unit is broken by accident the LED lights won’t potentially poison your staff.

Fluorescents are often made of glass. Constant Lighting’s LED units are typically protected by plastic casings, and offer much greater safety benefits. Special consideration has to be taken in food preparation areas and medical environments where Constant Lighting has a wealth of experience.

Lumens vs Watts

LumensMore watts don’t necessarily mean more lumens. In fact LEDs use very little energy to produce the equivalent lumen output of alternative lighting options. Your lighting options should be based on the lumens outputted, and the energy used to achieve those lumens. Using wattage to determine lighting levels is not only outdated, but inaccurate. Read more about lumens and watts.


WarrantyConstant LED lights come with a 5 year warranty. A warranty you can rely on, as we design, manufacture and assemble our light fittings in our Oldham UK manufacturing site since 1970 and support and warranty claims from our UK base.

Benefits of LED Lighting Guide

Lighting Guide PDF

Our handy benefits to LED lighting guide can help guide your operational team in switching to LED Lightings.