Energy Saving & Carbon Footprint

LED vs fluorescent tubes
Lighting is the biggest energy consumption for the average business, accounting for up to 20% of your running costs. Reducing your lighting costs by installing LED lighting will save you money as well as help save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

  • LEDs are up to 70% more efficient in producing the same level of lighting than alternative lighting options
  • If everyone switched to LED lighting in the world, we’d collectively save over 670 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year
  • Over a 50,000hrs period LED lighting will save over half a ton of CO2 verses fluorescent tubes
  • Save over a tonne of CO2 on an LED fitting in its lifespan versus a fluorescent tube
  • Save over 70% in running costs over a traditional light fitting

We’ve put together a handy comparison chart showing you the overall energy and cost saving benefits of a standard retail aisle lighting batten.