Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

Commercial Lighting Solutions

The applications of LED lighting in commercial environments is endless!

From leisure centres to retail outlets, LEDs will save you money, time and create better illuminated environments.

For Recreation and Leisure

Sky Low Bay LED Light

Sky Low Bay LED Light; with a low glare diffuser it’s a great for leisure applications

Recreation centres, theatres, cinemas, leisure centres, sports halls and fitness complexes, the list is endless, but they can all benefit from LED lights. Noise-free, flicker free and little heat outputted means they create a great neutral environment for cinema goers, activity clubs, gym bunnies and athletes to enjoy their pastime or sport of choice.

As we manufacture a range of lights to work at heights from 2.5m through to 15m we can recommend the best lighting solution for your leisure complex during a free site visit. We’d always recommend a low-glare diffuser on any lighting installed in a leisure setting to prevent dazzle and glare from the LEDs. Likewise we can also install the luminaires with an impact resistant diffuser for sports halls, prone to ball based sports such as tennis and football.

As a lot of recreation centres and after-school clubs are based in converted theatres, or halls, sometimes a retrofit option may be required rather than a lighting replacement. We can also provide this service as all Constant Lights are designed and manufactured in Britain in our 32,000ft2 factory.

For Retail

Aisle Bright Retail Lighting

Aisle Bright; Simple replacement option to fluorescent battens for their shop aisles

Our Aisle Bright and Aisle Star ranges originated from customers looking for a simple replacement option to fluorescent battens for their shop aisles. As an easy replacement for fluorescent tubes they are a popular choice for shop aisles, supermarkets and standard retail outlets.

If you’re looking for a bespoke design or something a little swish, then we can accommodate your request, as we design and manufacture all our lights in Britain. We recently introduced our Sky SX-Y range into our standard offering due to demand for a sleek black finish, low profile luminaire; a popular choice for high-end retail boutiques.

During a site visit we will advise on the best option for your retail outlet, shopping centre or supermarket and we can advise on cost savings, co2 emission reductions and the maintenance reductions that you will benefit from.

For Exhibitions and Conference Centres

Sky High Bay LED Lights

Sky High Bay; great choice for exhibition halls or conference centres

Lighting an exhibition hall or conference centre can be an extremely costly exercise. With typically over 40% of the operational costs* attributed to lighting, we can see why so many exhibition centres and conference venues are turning to LED solutions.

Getting the lighting right for your next event or conference can make all the difference to the well-being of the delegates as well as the feedback on the exhibition. Exhibitors will benefit from better professional overhead lighting for their stand and staff, as well as visitors benefiting from a well lit environment to browse in.

We’ve a range of low bay and high bay options in our Sky range, as well as recessed options from our Exude range. Our lights cover areas from 2.5m to 15m in height, from low level 2,941 lumens through to high-output options of 24,000 lumens. During the free site visit our team will guide you on the best solution to light your exhibition space. Don’t forget, with directional lighting options, low-glare diffusers and room occupancy centres you can further reduce your operating costs per exhibition held or conference hosted.

*Source: Carbon Trust