Educational Lighting Installation

Educational Lighting Solutions

Noise free, flicker free, consistent colour and ‘instant on’ means
the lights won’t be the distraction in the classroom

Eliminating any distractions to the learning experience is hard enough, without the lights being the cause of student discomfort, and generally flickering lights are very difficult for the teacher or lecturer to solve. With LED lighting solutions you can create a great clear learning environment for pupils.

Ral Colour Chart

Match your lighting units to the brand, with endless colour options

Our Exude R range can be installed into most classrooms with an exposed T-ceiling structure (other ceiling systems accommodated), and our Exude S range is ideal for surface mount situations, especially suited to older classrooms and buildings. Our Exude range of LED lighting solutions come with a low-glare diffuser as standard and a range of outputs from standard to high output allowing us to install them in the classroom, school hall, auditorium or assembly hall as standard throughout the building giving a consistent design solution.

Lights can save your educational institution up to 70% in energy costs, and a similar saving in CO2 emissions. With minimal maintenance, and a lifespan of 50,000hours, LED luminaires are the perfect choice for educational settings.

Team your lighting solution with room occupancy sensors to help tackle an ongoing issue within all educational institutions; turn the lights off when you leave. An occupancy sensor will dim and then turn off the lights when no movement is detected over a period of time. This sensor will add to your operational savings as you’re not lighting lecture halls or classrooms which may be empty.

Choice of colours

A unique feature of working with the manufacturer directly, we can finish the fittings in ANY colour. Wouldn’t it be great to have brightly coloured light fitting, such as yellow, green, pink or blue. We can match it to the branding of the school, or produce vibrant colours for visually impaired or early years classrooms for instance. The possibilities are endless.