Industrial Lighting Solutions

Industrial Lighting Solutions

As a manufacturer we understand the importance of the impact lighting can make on operational costs, efficiency and employee well-being.

Operationally you can save over 70% on your lighting costs with an LED lighting solution, and reduce your carbon emissions by a similar amount. Staff will also benefit from a clearer lit working environment where their day to day shop-floor activities are not hindered by the glare of HIDs or the dull yellow hue of fluorescents. Lighting typically takes up at least 40% of your operational costs, so replacing with LEDs can help dramatically reduce this regular outlay.

Sky Low Bay LED Light InstallationThe Sky Range was designed for industrial and manufacturing purposes. The Sky High Rack, as the name may suggest, was designed to fulfil the solution of replacing lighting systems between warehouse racking with its high light output and directional light. The Sky Low Bays are perfect for lower heights. Whilst the Sky High Bays are perfect for heights 5m plus.

As LED lights don’t flicker, and produce no noise, they make for a more pleasant working environment, especially on factory shop floors and warehouse centres. The instant start up also gives a safe working environment as rooms are immediately illuminated. Team with room occupancy and photocells your business can benefit from additional costs savings by not lighting rooms or warehouses that aren’t occupied, or adjusting lighting in spaces that may be naturally part-lit by sky-lights during the day.

Our Enclose IP65 is the perfect partner for food preparation, or dusty atmospheres such as woodworking factories. It’s fully enclosed, with an IP rating of 65 and has a good middle ground lumen output of 7,500 lumens.

All our solutions offer great operational benefits, and during the free site visit we will advise on our range of lighting options we have to suit your warehouse or manufacturing site giving you a breakdown of energy savings and maintenance savings.