Office LED Lighting Solutions

Office Lighting Solutions

Improve your working environment, reduce CO2 emissions and save money

…all by upgrading your lighting systems to LED lighting from Constant Lighting

Our range of Exude lighting options are designed specifically for use in office environments. The LED technology along with the exude low-glare diffusers provide perfect light distribution.

Office and Commercial Lighting Solutions

Exude R lighting installations

We typically recommend combining the Exude range with our photocells so the light levels adjust if natural light is available in the room. As well as giving additional savings on energy consumption costs, comfortable light levels are maintained. All LED lights manufactured by Constant Lighting are noise free and flicker free, giving you a peaceful, undisturbed working environment.

Exude LED lights work at optimal lighting performance with a height range of 2.7m to 4m ceiling height. During a site visit we can advise on the best lighting options for your offices.