JW LEES Warehouse Lighting Case Study


Established in 1828 JW Lees is an independent family-run brewery based in Greater Manchester. Reducing operational costs for an independent company is one of the ways to maintain ongoing success.

JW Lees approached Constant Lighting as they wanted to reduce their lighting energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs and reduce CO2 emissions, as well as improve the quality of lighting in their warehouse. The warehouse had 28 400W HID luminaires installed at roof height, which required regular lamp replacements. Over time, as light output dropped and lamps failed, darker areas within the warehouse were unavoidably created. LED lighting offered an attractive solution with its longer lifespan and minimal ongoing maintenance benefits.

Project Stats

Lighting Outline
Customer JW Lees Brewery
Application Warehousing
Previous lights HID 400W
Constant lights Sky High Bay
Project Data
Energy consumption kWh 67%
Annual lighting costs 70%
Previous Lux level 150 Lux
CO2  output 13 tonnes
Installation payback 2.1 years
Lux level after installation 300 Lux

Our LED Lighting Solution

LED Warehouse Lighting Installation 1Firstly a Constant Lighting Surveyor visited JW Lees to go over their requirements, assess the current situation, and gather information for their lighting expectations, current operational costs and maintenance issues. As our own manufacturing site is a working showroom with examples of all lighting options in use, we welcomed JW Lees to our site for an active site example and overview before they committed to the installation.

We recommended replacing the 400W HID lights with Sky High Bays. Sky High Bay offer over 17,000 lumens output whilst consuming only 149W of electricity, and offer 70% efficiency gains over their HID rivals. They also offer more directional light, with very little light wastage.

We installed the Sky High Bay lights with a flying lead, which allowed our approved lighting installers to fit the lights swiftly. With this flying lead and a rotational installation schedule JW Lees didn’t have any down-time and the installation took just 2 days to complete.

With low maintenance, and a life span of over 50,000 hours versus 15,000 hours for an HID lamp, JW Lees will have a projected 70% decrease in maintenance time.

Next Steps

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