Office and Warehouse Lighting Case Study


Our customer, based in North West England, had a range of fluorescent lights, using five types of light fittings throughout their offices and warehouse units which varied in issues, due to the multiple types of lamps and tubes needing maintenance, to poor uniformity of lighting levels and quality of lighting. In some cases the fluorescent light fittings had three colours of light being emitted (below).

They approached us at Constant Lighting to address their mix-match of lighting, and bring uniformity and consistency to their workplace. With the benefits of LED lighting to produce consistent colour, light levels and energy usage it was the logical choice for them.

Poor Office LED Tubes

Project Stats

Lighting Outline
Customer Confidential
Application Office & Warehousing
Previous lights T12S, T8S Mixed
Constant lights Exude Surface, Bespoke
Light,Sky High Bays
& Emergencies
Project Data
Energy consumption kWh 59%
Annual lighting costs 72%
Previous Lux level 150-200 Lux
CO2  output 9 tonnes
Installation payback 2.1 years
Lux level after installation 550-600 Lux

Our LED Lighting Solution

Warehouse LED LightingThe team at Constant Lighting assessed the current situation during a lighting site visit, taking a range of details from light readings to floor plan information and discussed options with the client along with their expectations. They wanted to create a uniform lighting output as well as provide emergency lighting
in the event of a power outage.

After careful planning an LED solution was outlined that utilised the best product options for the environment. Sky High Bays were installed in the warehouse main area, with a number fitted as emergency lights. Our Exude LED office lights were installed in the office and for their mezzanine floor. At the time our Exude Wall wasn’t a core lighting product like today, in fact it was at the time designed specifically for this client. Exude Wall was designed to fit around the perimeter of the mezzanine floor at head height, and onto the beams across the roof space.

  • The combined lumen output for the existing light fittings (all fluorescents) was 381,420 lm.
  • The lumen output of our LED lights installed was higher at 403,082lms and utilised 59% less energy, utilising less fittings.
  • The office space saw the greatest light to wattage cost benefit; from 184watts used per fluorescent light, down to 54 watts used per LED solution.

With ultra low maintenance, a life span of over 50,000 hours (verses 10,000 hours for a standard fluorescent batten) our client had a projected 72% decrease in operational lighting costs and time.

Next Steps

Product(s) Featured

Exude S
Sky High Bay LED Lights