Red Rose Factory Floor LED Lighting Case Study


Red Rose Packaging, established in 1985, is one of the leading suppliers of corrugated packaging and point of sale materials in the North West. They approached Constant Lighting as they wanted to increase the lighting levels significantly in their main production and distribution warehouse in the UK.

Red Rose Packaging realised the long term benefits of LED lighting in terms of emissions and operating value, as well as the high output quality of lighting achievable. Despite having numerous fluorescent battens across the shop floor their lighting levels at best were poor (see photo below). When the battens reached their end of life, poor light levels in the factory were a cause for health and safety concerns. Matters were aggravated by the nature of their product, brown cardboard. Light was absorbed, rather than reflected, causing a further reduction in the illumination of the lit areas.

Red Rose Factory Floor - before

Project Stats

Lighting Outline
Customer Red Rose Packaging
Application Factory Shop Floor
Previous lights Degraded T12 Battens
Constant lights Sky High Bays &
Sky High Bay Emergencies
Project Data
Total lumen output on site 190,613lm
New total lumen output 986,328lm
Previous Lux level 90-100 Lux
Increased lumen output 795,715lm
Increased lumen output % 517%
Lux level after installation 550-600 Lux

Our LED Lighting Solution

Red Rose LightingAfter a free site survey, which involved discussions about what they wanted to achieve from a new lighting solution, Constant Lighting supplied a detailed proposal outlining their current situation which utilised T12 switch-start fluorescent battens (some of which were end-of-life). These battens had a low lumen output, which wasn’t directionally projected, so over 35% of the light emitted was wasted.

Unlike many of our customers, Red Rose Packaging’s primary goal wasn’t to reduce CO2 emissions or cut energy costs, instead it was to increase the lighting for their employees as well as provide emergency lighting for the building. Our solution was to offer the Sky High Bay LED luminaires with a proportion installed with integral emergency lighting technology. Sky High Bays are perfect for warehouse and high-ceiling installations as with LED technology all the light is projected downwards, rather than 360° around a tube, meaning there’s minimal light wastage.

The newly installed LED lights have a much greater lumen output verses the degraded T12SS fluorescent battens, resulting in a significant increase in light output of 517%.

Red Rose now enjoy uniform Lux levels averaging 550 Lux compared to measurements taken pre-install of 90 Lux.

Next Steps

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