Accessories & Controls

We have a range of trusted suppliers for our accessories and controls to equip your lighting solution with optional accessories and controls outside of the standard on-off light switch.

PIR Sensors/Occupancy Room Sensors

One of the biggest headaches for operations is preventing lights being left on when a room, office or hall is empty. The simplest and fully automatic solution is to install a PIR (Presence Detectors) sensor. You can even have a sensor controlling blocks of LED lights, so if you plan to only utilise half of a large exhibition hall or auditorium, then the lights for the unused block won’t activate until it’s occupied.

A PIR sensor is simple a room occupancy sensor that detects movement in the room, and automatically switching lights on and off as a result. Don’t worry the lights turn off after a set time has passed! This sensor is by far the most popular accessory we install alongside our lighting products. You can reduce your energy consumption even further with one installed.

The sensors are ceiling mounted, and we’ve deliberately chosen a non-intrusive design that can be surface mounted, or recessed into the ceiling. Most of our PIR sensors have a light level (lux) sensor built in for additional cost saving benefits.

Light Level (Lux) Sensors

Lighting level sensors help level the lighting in a room to that emitted from the windows or sky-lights. If it’s bright outside, the LEDs inside will dim down, producing a natural balance and harmony of lighting levels between the two light sources. As this sensor automatically dims the lights, in turn reducing the wattage used by the LEDs, you’ll benefit from additional cost savings.

DALI Sensors

We can equip our LED lighting solutions with DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) components. DALI sensors are designed to work with network-based business systems that control an entire building’s environmental conditions from a central location.

As light our stand-alone lighting sensors, the light levels and occupancy can be detected, fed back to a main-frame in the building, and the room’s levels adjusted accordingly. Typically the central computer system will know which rooms have their lights on at any one time.

Remote Controls

All our sensors come with a lighting remote control so you’re able to override the occupancy or lighting level sensors if the situation demands it.

Optional Diffusers

When we mention diffusers, we’re referring to the plastic front that covers the LED boards within the lighting unit. The light is then diffused by this piece of plastic reducing or altering the light that is emitted from the LEDs.

Some of our lighting solutions, such as the Exude range have a low-glare diffuser as standard. This helps reduce the dazzle from the LEDs, especially useful for low-level lighting situations. Other lighting solutions, such as the Sky High Bay’s come with standard clear plastic in the lighting unit offering no diffusing capability.

We can easily modify any of our lights for optimal performance with a range of diffusers including; clear, frosted, coloured and low-glare to name but a few.