Exude R – LED Office and Education Lights

Exude R Office Light Render

The Exude recessed range, Exude R, is designed to install into standard exposed T-ceiling grids, replacing T8 and T5 louvred luminaires found commonly in offices and retail outlets. The unique design of the Exude R offers a glare-free, optimal lit environment and benefits from low operating costs.

  • Up to 74% efficiency gains verses comparative fluorescent lighting*
  • Energy efficient low power consumption, even for the HO options
  • Evenly lit working and retail environments
  • Low glare exude diffuser
  • Fits exposed T-ceilings as standard, other ceiling systems accommodated

*Exude R600 vs T8SS418

Product Description

Product Features

Details based on standard product, Exude R600 100

Alternative to Alternative to T8/T5 louvred luminaires
Efficiency Efficiency Gains 74 %
Maintenance Maintenance Low
Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (mm) 595 x 595 x 109 mm
IP Rating IP Rating 40
Lumen output Lumen output 2636 lm
Power consumption Power consumption 28 W
Efficiency System efficiency 94 l/cW
Colour Rendering Index CRI >80
Colour temperature Colour temperature 4000 K
Flicker-Free Flicker-free Yes
Instant Start Up Instant start up Yes
Warranty Warranty 5 years
Lifespan Estimate Lifespan estimate 50,000 hours

Product Images

Product Variations

Power consumption Lumen output Efficiency Efficiency Dimensions (mm)
Watts Lumens lpcW Efficiency Gains Length
Exude R600 100 28 2636 94 74% 595mm
Exude R600 300 49 4820 98 73% 595mm
Exude R1200 100 54 5273 98 71% 1195mm
Exude R1200 300 98 9641 98 70% 1195mm

Product Applications

Conference Centres