Example of poor lighting from a site survey

Example of poor lighting from a site survey

Site Survey

Our site survey is free to all

Once we’ve got all the information we need, and you’ve had a chance to ask us questions about LED lighting, products and Constant’s services, we will produce a lighting survey. This survey gives you accurate information about your current lighting set up, including the running costs verses the LED lighting options available to you.

Site SurveyWe pay you a visit

We visit your premises and assess your current lighting systems. We advise exactly how much it costs to run your current system. During the site visit we record your current light levels and ask questions about whether you are happy with the current light levels.

Q&A LightingQ&A opportunity

You also have the opportunity to ask questions about LED lighting, and to discuss the lighting options that you want to explore in greater detail. You can also discuss any bespoke options you may be after.

Analyse your needsAnalyse your needs

During the site visit we analyse whether your current lights need to be on all the time and whether you could benefit from auto-control systems such as room occupancy or daylight sensors.


After the site survey we analyse the data then provide a detailed quotation.

The quotation will outline your current lighting situation and lighting levels and then comparatively advise on the LED lighting options best suited for your business. It will also include projected power consumption and highlight energy and CO2 savings year on year for the proposed LED luminaries.